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 Labour code of the Republic of Kazakhstan Unofficial translation Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 23 November, 2015 no. 414-V. Unofficial translation Information for users! "Adilet" Legal Information System also has a translation of the Labour code of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the Republic of Kazakhstan provided by National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC. GENERAL PART SECTION 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 1. MAIN PROVISIONS Article 1.The basic definitions used in this Code 1. The following basic definitions are used in this Code: 1) civil service - professional activity of civil servants in the performance of official authority, aimed at fulfillment of tasks and functions of state enterprises, government agencies, technical maintenance and functioning of state bodies; 2) civil servant - a person who, in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holds a paid staff position in state enterprises and government agencies and performs official